I am a jewelry designer by trade. After a long days work I go home and instead of taking a break I make hand manipulated pieces.   I constructed this piece last year while the lace bib trend was around.  I’m not a fan of lace necklaces so I decided to take matters into my own hands and came up with a leather version which I have been wearing since the summer of 2009. Yes, leather in the summer!

I created the pattern and pierced the pendant to look like a piece from the Art Nouveau movement.  Although I like and get inspired by all the art movements, Art Nouveau is one of my favorites with the second being the Renaissance period.

This is a close up of the Art Nouveau inspired brass pendant which I designed and pierced.  The materials for this piece are: Kidd leather, raw cut faceted amethyst, brass, silk thread and freshwater light rose pearls.

2 responses to “WHILE I LOUNGE AT HOME

  1. Very bold and colorful like you! Very tribal looking as well. Would be sweet with an off the shoulder blouse.

    Is it heavy? Is the leather piece backed with fabric?

  2. it’s a very soft leather and the back is made out of felt. There’s no filler inside so it makes it light

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