Guilty Pleasure

Her name is Samantha, this fellow Sagittarius  is the creative talent behind the shop on Etsy,  t8designs.  Her fabulous jewelry is,  in her words  “inspired by the past…eager to delve into the future…nearly every item in this shop is a one-of-a-kind creation – handmade with love and ruminations on nature, history, and hope.”  By looking at these photos you can see the history in each component, I can only imagine how breath-taking they are in person.

I have been following her on Twitter since I became a member and every time I see her profile picture she has a “to-die-for” necklace.   The new image is my  fave of all her pieces:

odd fellows emporium statement charm necklace

There’s much to describe on this piece.  The first sentence of her description should say it all: an eclectic collection of antique and vintage charms are clustered beneath an antique (circa 1900) celluloid frame from an Odd Fellows fraternal badge.

I chose the next piece from her page for the simplicity of it.  It reminds me of my favorite art era, Art Nouveau.  This toggle bracelet is sure to make a statement on any wrist.

lisbon garden bracelet

In Samantha’s words, this piece is “a beautiful vintage gold vermeil filigree flower is delicately set between two strands of vintage brass chain. The ornate flower has a three-dimensional quality that really showcases the intricate filigree work on its petals.”

the dragon slayer

The Dragon Slayer, such a great name for a necklace. This necklace is sure to stop traffic, it’s simple yet it makes a statement.  It is “a vintage Damascene pen knife features a decorative dragon design on both sides. The knife is suspended from a unique chain crafted from vintage Damascene links, multiple strands of vintage golden and brass chain, oval brass bar chain, and black crystal beads.”

Lucky Magazine (August 2009)
Country Living Magazine (March 2008) pp. 83-86 & 148

you can follow this amazing designer  on twitter:

or her page on Facebook:

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