A couple of hours ago I was at Lambert Airport waiting for my flight back to NYC.  I was sitting at a bar enjoying a glass of wine after a long day of work.  I was surfing  the internet on my Palm Pre and came across the article below.  I was on a mission to get home so I can share this article  with those that appreciate fashion and those of us who can only dream of owning one article of clothing from Isabella Blow’s collection.  With my horrible luck of having a driver waiting inside for me by baggage claim I knew my chances of getting in at a decent time were zero to none and that seriously upset me. Of course the driver was not inside as I had requested.  Do they not understand the importance of a fashion legend?  I needed to get home to do this…well, here it is now.

Daphne Guinness snaps up ALL of Isabella Blow’s clothes! as reported on by Naomi Attwood

Isabella Blow in one of her many hats

The Planned auction of the late Isabella Blow’s fashion and photography archive in September will now not go ahead, it was announced last night. The reason? Daphne Guinness has arranged to snap up the lot!

The auction house Christie’s spokesperson added “The executors are delighted that their sister’s estate can now be settled and are very confident the collection has found the perfect home.

The collection itself would make someone either an unbelievable wardrobe OR a small museum. With over 50Phillip Treacy hats, shoes by Manolo Blahnik, masses of couture, including 90 pieces of her protégé, Alexander McQueen’s work. Plus, examples of John Galliano’s early work, a number of Manolo Blahnik shoes, items byHussein Chalayan, Giles Deacon and many others, it is a real document of a certain era in fashion.

Isabella’s speciality was identifying talent before whichever designer it was had ‘made it’ so not only are the pieces valuable for their labels, but rare or even unique. Daphne Guinness is also a big fan/client/muse to many of the same circle of designers, but the real reason she stepped in was “It’s Issy — it’s her DNA — it should not be scattered to the four winds. I want it to remain as a monument.”

Isabella Blow & Philip Treacy by (Donald McPherson)

After all the two are not the same size (and Isabella’s wardrobe was made to measure for her in the studios of the designers she mentored, rather than picked up at Selfridges or Harrods) AND, we know that Guinness already has a generous wardrobe, or rather storage warehouse, of her own. So much so, that she has held auctions of her rather fabulous fashion overspill in the past.

Sheikh Majed Al Sabah & Isabella Blow (by Donald Mcpherson)

“The reaction to news of the Isabella Blow Collection has been a tribute to the dedication and style of a true fashion muse,” said Patricia Frost, Director, Vintage Fashion and Textiles, Christie’s. We absolutely agree. In fact, even though we weren’t quite sure we had the necessary means to go and bid at the auction (had it taken place) we have been doing a little pondering about the future of this unbelievable array of fashion wonders. We WOULD have earmarked The Phillip Treacy blue spiky hat, the McQueen ‘Teerabul Songvitch’ silver plastic mirror shards dress (she was in there YEARS before Gaga) and the John Galliano poodle coat.

Daphne Guinness

Seeing as we now have no chance of buying these, we wonder. . .  Will Daphne give it back to McQueen’s company for their archives? (Blow had loads of rare early pieces including his entire graduate collection from his days at Central Saint Martins) Wear the bits and pieces giving them a new lease of life alongside her Gareth Pughand Chanel couture? OR donate it to a museum? There’s the V&A as well as Zandra Rhodes’ Museum of Fashionand Textiles. OR would Guinness consider opening a museum herself? The hats alone would warrant a Saturday afternoon excursion for many a fashion fan. How can we possibly get a campaign in motion for this? We must start a petition immediately!

Top of Isabella Blow's coffin

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