Studded PRADA

Prada does it again!  A few years ago (more like 4 or 5 years) I was surfing the Bergdorf Goodman website for shoes.  I came across the most beautiful clogs in antracite (that’s the name that Prada gave the color pewter) They are studded on the sides as you can see from the photo below and I needed them in my life.  I ordered them online and to my advantage they went on sale the following week, I called customer service and they gave me a price adjustment.

my babies, still loving them

The images below are from the new Fall 2010 collection, hitting stores as you read this.

Lace-Up Clog Booties

Clog Sandals

Peep-Toe Platform Clogs

Shearling Bowler Bag

2 responses to “Studded PRADA

  1. Jose, I’m still soooo in love my Prada clogs, they have yet to go out of style.

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