If you have a taste for an American-French style cuisine, then MODE is the place you have to visit for bistro style dining.   If the bistro is not super busy when you get there, you will be greeted by the owner, Olivier Omrange, and if you get there before the “hustle and bustle” he will give you a quick tour of his establishment…and who can blame him, the place is beautiful and holds its own.  The walls are decorated with the work of artist/painter,  Robert Tahar from Palm Springs California.


The menu is a unique mixture of American and French cuisine. Each one of their dishes is freshly prepared, finely crafted and affordably priced for your dining pleasure.    I love all the dishes that they create, but my favorite which I order most of the time I go there is Escargot for appetizer, for my entrée I recently had a bowl of mussels which was a special that day,  so you might not see it on their unique written chalk board menu.  For my drink I recently mentioned to the bartender that I was in the mood for a martini and I asked him to suggest one, he made the most delicious French martini.  If you are not in the mood for such drink, they have a nice wine menu which will be brought to you by your server.  The wine menu is also on a chalk board.

Menu-photo credit Fernanda 2010

Escargot--yummmmmmm! photo credit Fernanda June 2010

Mussels in a sea of garlic, delishhhhhhhh--photo credit Fernanda June 2010

French Martini - photo credit Fernanda June 2010

Francois, Etienne and Olivier - photo credit, Fernanda June 2010

Olivier Omrange -- photo credit Fernanda June 2010

Photo credit Fernanda June 2010

Location and hours of operation

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