Irving Feller Furrier and Artist

I’ve been holding out on a post about the great Irving Feller , an artist/furrier from Greenpoint, Brooklyn.  I have been blessed with crossing path with wonderful people on this earth,  and Mr. Feller is one of these individuals.  Last year I was walking with my fiance on Manhattan Avenue in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.  We stopped in front of this run-down store front, and to my surprise we entered this store called Feller Fur in the middle of the summer.  Feller is a fur shop that has been at this particular location from the beginning of time, the shop was started in 1906.   

It was here that I had the pleasure of meeting the eccentric abstract artist Irving Feller.   My fiance walked out of the shop while Mr. Feller and I discussed art and jewelry, he sells the most exquisite looking turquoise  jewelry made by the American Indians from New Mexico.  My recollection of our conversation is Mr. Feller asking me “do you love him”, meaning my fiance.    I had the honor of stopping by his shop again this past May.  I reminded him of his question the last time we met and he found it kind of peculiar that he would ask this question to a person he just met. On a table he had many 8.5X11 white sheets of paper riddled with an intricate black and white geometric maze drawn in with a Sharpie Marker, Mr. Feller’s favorite medium.  I was fortunate enough to be allowed to photograph his drawings and even got to take a couple of pictures with Mr. Feller.  Below the pictures is a link to a couple of articles that I found on the internet about my new artist friend.  

Irving Feller working on one of his pieces-photo credit: Fernanda for June 2010.


Some of Irving Feller's art work-photo credit: Fernanda for June 2010


Myself and Irving Feller-photo credit Etienne for June 2010


Article from the NY Times written on January 3, 2007,  

Irving Feller, American Indian  

Behind the Window: The Remarkable Life of the Manhattan Furrier

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