What does 35+ look like?

We are over 35 and LOVING life to the fullest!  There’s no slowing us down when we are enjoying what we are  doing, and where we are in life…THANKS WGSN!!!!!!!!!!!

WGSN presents a visual take on what 35+ women look like today.

This autumn there are more 35+ actresses and models in the all-important September issue magazines than ever before. US Vogue has Halle Berry (43) on its cover, US Harper’s Bazaar has Jennifer Aniston (41), and US Elle has the highest-paid female actress in Hollywood last year, Sandra Bullock (46). UK Vogue has used Kate Moss, who at 36 shows no sign of losing her selling power.

 Kristen McMenamy, Italian VogueKristen McMenamy, Italian Vogue

Madonna for Dolce & GabbanaMadonna for Dolce & Gabbana

 Christy Turlington for Louis VuittonChristy Turlington for Louis Vuitton

Halle Berry for US VogueHalle Berry for US Vogue

Autumn 2010 brand advertising campaigns feature more of the same, with Christy Turlington (41) for Louis Vuitton, Linda Evangelista (45) for Talbots, Tilda Swinton (49) at Pringle, and Yasmin Le Bon (45) for Wallis. The elegantly greying Kristen McMenamy (46) is almost everywhere – US and Italian Vogue (the cover) to name just two. And at a youthful 52, Madonna remains a favourite for Dolce & Gabbana – the duo have used her for the second season in their advertising campaign.

Linda Evangelista for TalbotsLinda Evangelista for Talbots

 Christy Turlington for Italian VogueChristy Turlington for Italian Vogue

Tilda Swinton for Pringle, UK VogueTilda Swinton for Pringle, UK Vogue

This is good news for the 35+ woman, who has at last got some role models – albeit rather glossy ones – to aspire to. And it’s not just magazines that are showcasing older women: the arts, fashion, media and political worlds have more high-profile females in influential positions, many of them leading the way in changing people’s opinions on what 35+ looks like today.

Our recent report on the new design rules for 35+ gives designers action points to consider when creating ranges. Here we give visual references to demonstrate how celebrities and ordinary women of 35+ look today.

The fashion-forwards

 Carine Roitfeld, as seen at www.thesartorialist.comCarine Roitfeld, as seen at www.thesartorialist.com

Vivienne Westwood, as seen at www.zimbio.comVivienne Westwood, as seen at www.zimbio.com

Mary Portas, as seen at www.maryportas.comMary Portas, as seen at www.maryportas.com

Natalie Massenet, as seen in UK VogueNatalie Massenet, as seen in UK Vogue

Paula Reid, as seen at www.thewomensroomblog.comPaula Reid, as seen at www.thewomensroomblog.com

Donna Karan, as seen at www.zimbio.comDonna Karan, as seen at www.zimbio.com

Patti Hansen, as seen at www.zimbio.comPatti Hansen, as seen at www.zimbio.com

Lynn Yaeger, as seen at www.thesartorialist.comLynn Yaeger, as seen at www.thesartorialist.com

 Jo Wiley, as seen at www.thewomensroomblog.comJo Wiley, as seen at www.thewomensroomblog.com

  • Unsurprisingly some of the most inspirational fashion-forward role models are to be found in the fashion and media industries
  • French Vogue’s Carine Roitfeld and designers Vivienne Westwood and Donna Karan trailblaze with cutting-edge individual style
  • Net-a-Porter CEO Natalie Massenet shows you can be a hugely successful and stylish businesswoman

Designing for age

The Queen, as seen at www.zimbio.comThe Queen, as seen at www.zimbio.com

 Lauren Hutton, as seen at www.more.comLauren Hutton, as seen at www.more.com

 Margaret Howell in The Telegraph MagazineMargaret Howell in The Telegraph Magazine

  • Attitudes to ageing are changing, but women still know that certain parts of the body need careful consideration when selecting clothes
  • Cool jeans are still wardrobe staples, but designer Margaret Howell demonstrates they don’t need to be jegging-tight to look modern
  • Lauren Hutton shows how you can still look sexy by using chiffon and draping, and in the UK, the Queen’s wardrobe includes on-trend camel and flourishes of fur to stay stylish
  • Sometimes all the rules are broken and it still works

Different reasons for buying

Michelle Obama, as seen at www.zimbio.comMichelle Obama, as seen at www.zimbio.com

Grace Coddington, as seen at www.zimbio.comGrace Coddington, as seen at www.zimbio.com

Oprah Winfrey, as seen at www.zimbio.comOprah Winfrey, as seen at www.zimbio.com

  • A wardrobe full of clothes and years of shopping under her belt mean this customer is likely to be upgrading and replacing items. She knows the benefits of quality fabrics and great cut, and she understands her shape
  • Michelle Obama, thrust into the media glare on reaching the White House, opted to stick to her favourite simple tailored shapes, reworked in quality fabrics and great colours
  • Oprah Winfrey’s years of experience on the red carpets means she understands what works best on her figure, and US Vogue’s Grace Coddington appreciates better than most how rejuvenating a modern silhouette is
  • Accessories are an easy way to upgrade and update: never underestimate the uplifting power of a new handbag

The modern classics

Marcia Cross, as seen at www.zimbio.comMarcia Cross, as seen at www.zimbio.com

Diane von Furstenberg, as seen at www.zimbio.comDiane von Furstenberg, as seen at www.zimbio.com

Helen Mirren, as seen at www.zimbio.comHelen Mirren, as seen at www.zimbio.com

  • Updated classics are worth investing in, as both Marcia Cross and Diane von Furstenberg appreciate
  • Helen Mirren, stalwart pin-up of the 35+ profile, combines a softly tailored dress with a neat take on a classic bolero jacket
  • Tailored jackets and coats with modern styling remain a popular way to update shape and structure in a wardrobe

Inspiring design

 Beatrix Ost, as seen at www.zimbio.comBeatrix Ost, as seen at www.zimbio.com

Jane Birkin, as seen at www.zimbio.comJane Birkin, as seen at www.zimbio.com

Julie Christie, as seen at fashionistable.blogspot.comJulie Christie, as seen at fashionistable.blogspot.com

Iris Apfel, as seen at www.zimbio.comIris Apfel, as seen at www.zimbio.com

Isabella Rossellini, as seen at www.zimbio.comIsabella Rossellini, as seen at www.zimbio.com

Tracey Emin, as seen at www.zimbio.comTracey Emin, as seen at www.zimbio.com

  • Age and experience can bring a boldness and confidence in the use of colour and shape. No one wants to dress “old”, and this consumer continues to love inspiring fashion
  • Julie Christie works a vintage headscarf and dress with a boyfriend jacket for an outfit that looks effortless but stylish
  • Artists Beatrix Ost and Tracey Emin show their skill with texture and shape, while Isabella Rossellini and Jane Birkin play with colour

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