Sign of the Cross

My long obsession with crosses still continue after 20 + years.  It all started during  my college years at Parsons School of Design.   I love the way something so simplistic could be so beautiful and translate in different mediums and looks.  I use to sit in my six hour metal-smith studio class and carve wax when I was not motivated to solder or pierce the project that I should’ve been working on.  During the one hour lunch break, it was a quick run to Tito’s on 47th Street to drop of the wax , and get it cast in sterling silver.  I managed to finish two wonderful crosses, one of which I will be showing images of below, the second will come at a later time.xoxo

Sterling silver 3 3/4 x 2 1/2 x 1/2 inches

Cross sit on top of a hand full of larimar uncut rocks that my dad gave to me a while back ~ solarized effect of the photo is thanks to Photoshop

full view of sterling silver organic cross on top of a sea of larimar rocks

side view of organic gross on a white background

full view of organic sterling silver cross ~ cross is on a 36 inches long, 2mm bicycle chain

36 inches long bicycle chain on organic sterling silver cross ~ solarized in Photoshop

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