Gramercy Park ~ 26th Street & 2nd Ave

As I rushed with the crowd of people who were dashing to go home on a Friday night, I noticed a rather offbeat character strolling Uptown. There was barely enough time to notice an eccentric, debonair gentleman strolling up Second Avenue, because I was in a hurry to see an anticipated Off-Off Broadway play. However, I did have enough time to  jot down in my head that he walked in a harmonious manner to get to his destination, an uncommon sight to see in the Big Apple.


Top hats, yes hats with multi color feathers

white leather coat with soutache detail on collar

multi layered bone necklace, cross necklaces, medallions, strawberry pendant

silver glitter platform boots

2 responses to “Gramercy Park ~ 26th Street & 2nd Ave

  1. @Janet, thanks for your comment…i found him to be so eccentric, and my fiance who was with me when I spotted him was more into me taking pictures of him than I was, he turned out to be very interesting to talk to.

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