Thanks KristyElena #fulltimefabulous

About a month ago, Kristy Elena was one of the ten finalists for the Sunglass Hut, Full Time Fabulous blogger competition.  When the finalists were in NY in early December, they were all gifted 10 pairs of sunglasses each.  Kristy and the other finalists blogged about the sunglasses they received and how they were using all these beautiful frames that they were given amongst other topics that they had to cover.

Out of all of the frames they received my favorite is from Tory Burch.  I’m not a big fan of Tory Burch, although at some point or another I bought several articles of clothing from her collection.  Any way, back to the fabulous frame, which you can read about in Kristy’s Full Time Fabulous blog post here.

That’s Kristy in the above photo with her cat, Vesper in Milan.  The frame looked so fab on her that I said to myself, “She makes them look so great on, they have to look great on everyone else, lol.”  I caved in, went online to  Sunglass Hut and alas, ordered the frame. They are everything you can imagine and more; large, oversize frame with a clear cross hatched pattern that looks so cool when you get up close to them! From a distance they look like a grey frame which is still hot!  Now let’s talk about the case,  yum!  My case is made out of  gold pu leather with a gold metal frame around it.  It’s large enough to be used as a clutch, which I believe is the intension of this case.

Tory Burch sunglasses & gold case sitting next to my sphere and square sculptures ~ photo Fernanda for syd & pia

Here I am wearing my new glasses indoors! Too cold in NYC today (1/23) ~ photo by Christian for syd & pia

Enough about the frame and back to Kristy.  Kristy worked very hard on her blog posts for this competition.  She also networked like there was no tomorrow, and a lot of people supported her through out the competition. Based on the comments on the Full Time Fabulous blog,  and the like button, Kristy’s followers keep growing more and more and still going strong!

I’m repeating myself again, yet her hard work speaks for itself.  I want to take the time to congratulate her on all the hours of hard work,  for being chosen by the judges,  and Sunglass Hut as the Full Time Fabulous blogger of the year!


8 responses to “Thanks KristyElena #fulltimefabulous

  1. HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! these frames look absolutely amazing on you, I’m really excited you purchased them. I can’t wait to share this link with everyone on my FTF site as soon as I have another post ready. (it’s bee a bit hard these days what with preparing the move! but i have some exciting things coming up!!!) but enough about that! you were so right, the indoor shot makes sense and it’s absolutely gorgeous. did you say your nephew shot this? he did a great job. =)

    thank you for all the kind words as well. you are so sweet to say these things and i appreciate it greatly. i adore you, and i adore you in those sunglasses!!!! hugs!!

    Kristy Eléna – Full Time Fabulous
    Vogue Gone Rogue
    Twitter: @kristyelena

  2. Those frames look great on you!! Kristy Elena definitely worked very hard during this competition and it shows in her content and the community support she garners. Hard work pays off and she earned her dream job. Love Kristy – love the sunglasses on BOTH of you. How very nice of you to put up such a great post about a very nice, very talented, classy lady!

  3. Those frames look great on you! They suit your face well!
    Tory Burch is one brand of sunglasses I don’t have yet, but I may have to take another look at them!
    Great blog too! 🙂

  4. Hugs back! Sunglass Hut is going to be making their numbers and meeting margins this year. You are a great writer, with excellent information to share and very stylish!

  5. Nice to see another member of #teamkristy! You look great in those frames and how hope SGH realizes how brilliant they were in picking Kristy Elena. Like you, I too have been shopping on the website, and want sport more shades!

    Thank you So MUCH for coming by my blog and commenting. YOU voted for me at the Refinery and I am so grateful. It’s only one vote per Facebook acct, so no voting again tomorrow. But a big hearty thank you for all your effort!

    You’re a doll! -Bella Q
    the Citizen Rosebud
    twitter: @citizenrosebudz

  6. Bella, thank you for your comment. I have been spreading the word around for the refinery29 competition. will keep hounding all my friends to vote!

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