we mesh

This baby has been in the works for a little while.  I was inspired by Donna Karan‘s metal mesh belt which is sold with a pant suit for a nice $2,500.  She also came out with a mesh necklace tie.  The other designers I found after the facts although I am familiar with Elsa Peretti’s mesh scarf.

Donna Karan Mesh Tie Necklace, $895.00

Donna Karan’s Tie, available at Saks Fifth Avenue

Elsa Peretti has a beautiful mesh belt that almost feels like silk.

Elsa Peretti mesh scarf available at Tiffanys

This is a great one by Isabel Marant, very simple and easy to wear.

Isabel Marant

The below is my version of a mesh scarf

photo by Fernanda for Syd&Pia

photo by Fernanda for Syd&Pia


5 responses to “we mesh

  1. the trick is making the mesh two ply with a close seam….that was no joke, tok forever to get it right and you have to do that inside out and turn it back without damaging the mesh. thanks it was fun making it

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