Black White and Read All Over- Solo Show by Frank R. Barile III

If you are down on the LES (lower east side) you have to go to Verlaine @110 Rivington  Street to see this amazing artist, Frank Barile III first solo show.  The show runs now, thru the first week of Sept.   Most of the paintings were sold on opening night, hurry to see his work and maybe acquire one of it while you are there.

I had the pleasure of a Q&A with the artist, read below:

S&P:how long have you been involved in the arts? What brought you there?
FBIII: I’ve been involved in the arts since I can remember. I never became an artist I was born one. There was never a time in my life that I was not creating something from nothing. I can’t imagine life without it.
S&P: Tell me about your first art work, show, and your reaction to the attention.
FBIII:My first artwork in a show of any meaning was the city workers art show at The Salmungundi Gallery in 2006. There was over 100 artists in the show. It was a juried competition and I came in 3rd place  , It felt really good to experience what I had been imagining in my head since I decided to put myself out there. My biggest reaction to the show was seeing my work next to so many other artist and noticing how much it stood out from everything else in the show. It may have not been the best technical work there but it was the most original and in my opinion “Fun” piece in the show and that made me happy.

The artist, Frank Barile III with actor, Etienne Navarre and jewelry designer for Betsey Johnson, Akiko Kijima

Some of the guest enjoying drinks, food and of!

S&P: What inspired your creativity?
FBIII: As a child it was dinosaurs. I was so obsessed with them I used to draw them all day long. Later in life it was graffiti, I was very influenced by the movement and massive style involved. Now a days it’s a desire to be better than yesterday.
S&P: This being your first solo show, how does it feel? Does it live to your expectation?
FBIII: It feels great. I was nervous that it would be a ghost town on opening night but I was very pleases with the turnout. I’m already thinking about my next one.

The artist, and his talented wife, artist/ jewelry designer, Rachel Barile

S&P: I heard that you might be collaborating with your talented wife, Rachel, can you share what’s in the works?
FBIII: Rachel and I are developing a concept called “The Kingdom” It is a series or works in all aspects of the art spectrum. Without letting too much slip out I can say it will be a visual experience like no other from a husband and wife collaboration.
S&P: What other projects are you working on?
FBIII: I’m involved in a few music projects and some motion picture stuff. Mostly mini music videos and shorts involving my friends or lizards 🙂

This one belongs to husband purchased it the night of the opening

S&P: How much time do you normally spend on a piece?
FBIII: Depends on the size and my mood, larger paintings could take me up to 2-3 months to complete. I can go crazy with detail prolonging the process.
S&P: There are lots of creative artist out there. What makes you unique?
FBIII: I would say my uniqueness as an artist is all in my style. Being self-taught I never learned traditional techniques that pop up in most artists work. You never have to look at the signature to see who painted any of my pieces, The imagery is the signature.
S&P: Are there any artist that you have been influenced by?
FBIII: Absolutely.  M.C Escher , Giger , Dali, Rockwell and some old masters like Da Vinci, Vermeer, Fouquet…

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