5Pointz being demolished?????

I was on Facebook a few weeks ago.  While I was on,  I came across an invite for a petition to save  5Pointz from being demolished to build condos!  Seriously????? condos????   Some jerk wants to have this  landmark’s beauty, culture and history demolished?  Must be some frustrated being who sees money as his God and doesn’t know how to appreciate what makes art, and what makes LIC so interesting.  All details and info for the site to sign the petition is found on the post, click here to be redirected.


Close up detail of the “Z”

Close up detail of the Joker

Saffia taming the art work

2 / 4 months old pitbulls horsing around 5Pointz

Man at work ~ enjoyed watching live graffiti

LP Gallery entrance

Sign at the entrance of LP Gallery

Ulysses Castellanos work, click here to be directed to his website

5Pointz: 45-46 Davis Street,  Long Island City, NY 11101 http://5ptz.com

Art Work: all the best artists around

Photos: Saffia Rahimtoola http://casuallyreappearing.tumblr.com

Sunnies: Tom Ford

Earring: Robert Lee Morris


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