Night Lights ~ originally published June 2010 under sydandpia

Originally published June 19, 2010 ~

I found myself tired from my trip back to NYC on Tuesday night,  yet I couldn’t  bring myself to go to sleep.  I was sitting by the window on my flight back home.  From up above  all that was visible  saw was the night  lights of New York City forming these beautiful patterns.   A glimpse of the Empire State Building and I sigh because I know that I will soon be in my home.  You have to admit, New York City  is  beautiful.   Thinking about the darkness illuminated my trillions of lights. I bring you this beautiful hand-made butterfly necklace.  It’s such a contrast from the night sky, yet this piece reminiscence the lights you see from above.  The seed freshwater pearls represent those lights, while the larger pearls and semi precious stones are the illuminated sky-scrapers.


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