A CLUTCH IS A CLUTCH NO MATTER WHAT THEY SAY ~ originally posted June 2010

originally posted on June 20, 2010 ~

Yesterday  was a lazy Saturday, I literally spent the entire day at home doing NOTHING!  It was too hot to go outside so I started arranging my closet by color, yes I color code my clothes and I also arrange everything by category. After the clothes I started with my small handbags or rather clutch(they look more like coin purses in some cases.)  My favorite bag is the cognac  hornback crocodile vintage clutch.   This was a great find on Ebay many years ago, I think I paid $40 for it.  The handle is a bit worn yet it can be repaired.  It has this beautiful leather lining in marigold, and it is accented with demure metal hardware.    You might be able to find a similar bag or just a nice vintage bag at my friend Grisett’s shop on Etsy , the link will take you directly to her shop, ‘Katie Melrose’.

The next clutch  is in a beautiful soft succulent leather and the mustard color is very striking.  It  has a strap on the zipper pull which is to be used as a wristlet.  As you can see from the close-up, the top stitch detail is very well crafted.   This one I acquired at a sample sale when I worked at Liz Claiborne.  I probably paid no more than five dollars for it.

This cute little bordeaux whip snake box is great when you do not want to carry anything but your keys, ID, credit card and a lipstick.   This one too I bought at a sample sale at Liz Claiborne and I’m still loving it.

The last bag I passed on to my daughter today amongst other article of clothing.  This was given to me by her Godfather, the incredibly talented Louis Brown.  He designed this bag back in…well I’m not going to say because we will be considered dinosaurs.  The bag is from Tusk LTD.  The detail in the front is embossed black pony hair (cow actually) and the lustrous leather is spazzolato.   I passed the “torch” to this wonderful being that I gave birth to because I know she will rock it.  Check out her blog and you’ll understand why I’m saying this, Fashion By  Them, she’s the one on the post, ‘Forever Young is in Your Mind’.


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