STOP AND SMELL THE ROSES ~ originally posted June 2010

originally Posted June 24, 2010

Photo by Fernanda Greenpoint. Brooklyn 2010

I’d been blessed with this awesome young woman, Christine Lohmuller.  With her keen eye for fashion and spotting trends, you would not believe that Christine’s has a military background.

The large-scale bloom will be all over the Autumn/Winter 2010-2011 collections.  The patterns have such flowers as sprigs of peonies, pink roses, orchids and cherry blossom against a black background.

Christine’s  trend report is for Resort 2011, and if you notice the ground has lighten up…obviously.  We have seen the beginning of roses blooming all over the retail shops since early this year.  On the runway for next year the roses continue to grow in abundance.

My favorite of these dresses are the sleeveless Dior on the right.  I love the femininity of this dress and how comfortable it looks on the model.  My second favorite is on the second page,  it is the halter top  dress from Stella.  The hint of light aqua and the touches of pumpkin colored tulips against the  white ground plus the bottom of the dress in a light charcoal makes it very interesting and appealing to want to wear on a beautiful summer day.

Researched by Christine Lohmuller

Researched by Christine Lohmuller

WGSN original photography, Chelsea Flower Show 2010

WGSN original photography, Chelsea Flower Show 2010

Photo by Fernanda Greenpoint, Brooklyn 2010


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